sexta-feira, setembro 23, 2011

♥~♥ Wael Kfory ~ Awlak Ghalat ♥~♥

Amo esta música!!!

Awlak Ghalat

What you said was wrong, I do keep thinking of you

What you said was wrong, if you are upset I will make it up to you

I gave you all my affection

What do you want from me, tell me?

If the illusion of you is near me

I will shout in my loudest tone

I don't want you to leave me, baby

The world without you, is strange, believe me

Stay beside me and near me is where I want you to be, I want you

For all my life I want you, believe me

My soul is yours and my heart I swear is committed to you

My heart has spent years suffering in your love

Let me feel your affection, I am all here, in front of you

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